"Business Insurance gives you the freedom to be Successful"

Biz Insure is your Business Insurance Professionals

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Biz Insure’s ultimate success is dependent on providing the best possible advice to our clients. Based on feedback from our clients we ensure:
  • Our approach is always relaxed and friendly.
  • We commit the time to listen.
  • We understand the issues and relate them to the clients own circumstances.
  • We take a long term view of the relationship

We value your introductions

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Either email gerard@bizinsure.co.nz or call (09) 309 9335. We need their name, contact phone numbers and a summary of why they need to talk to us.

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Business Insurance Specialists in Auckland New Zealand

Biz Insure works with business owners, executives and other successful people to assist them to protect their wealth. When your wealth is protected, you have the freedom to enjoy and build on your success. Having a structured insurance plan in place means you, your business partners and loved ones are protected. We want you to enjoy your freedom and success knowing you have insurance cover which provides that freedom.

Business owners have a significant amount of their wealth associated with their company while an executive’s wealth is their ability to work. We will partner alongside you to implement a plan that protects both your current and future wealth. Through our expert knowledge and relationships we are able to provide comprehensive advice utilising the latest benefits from leading insurance suppliers.

We work alongside fellow professionals such as accountants, lawyers and general insurance brokers to provide structured advice, specific to your needs. As an example we are able to assist with the formulation and implementation of shareholder buy – sell agreements. Our advice and support continues throughout our business relationship. For example our Platinum Claims Management service details how we will support you at claim time. Regular contact is maintained with our newsletters and annual checkups.

We want you to be confident that you have your risks covered by insurance so that you have the freedom to enjoy life.