Biz Optometrists Cover

Biz Optometrists Cover

Will your business survive if you or your optometrist is unable to work? How will all the bills be paid?

Imagine being told yesterday that your optometrist will not be coming in to work for the next six months! How will your business cope? What will happen to your revenue? How will you pay for the recruitment and costs of a short term, replacement optometrist?

Biz Optometrists Cover will alleviate this problem. Biz Optometrists Cover provides a monthly cash benefit to the business during the forced absence of any key people. The cover provides many benefits including:

  • Injects cash into the business to recruit and pay for a replacement optometrist
  • Cash maybe used to pay for any business expenses
  • Cover for sickness, injury or death
  • Agreed monthly sum
  • Premiums tax deductible
  • Allow you to buy out your business partner if they can no longer participate in the company due to illness or death.

Talk to us about implementing Biz Optometrists Cover for your business. We will work alongside you to create and implement a plan specific to your business needs. It will provide peace of mind while you focus on your customers.

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