About Biz Insure

Biz Insure’s ultimate success is dependent on providing the best possible advice to our clients. Based on feedback from our clients we ensure:

  • Our approach is always relaxed and friendly
  • We commit the time to listen
  • We understand the issues and relate them to the clients own circumstances
  • We take a long term view of the relationship

Our mission is to be known as a specialist business risk insurance company that provides outstanding service and advice. Biz Insure’s vision is to provide peace of mind to our clients knowing they have identified and reduced the impact of illness, injury or death and to ensure their lifestyle and wealth are protected. We are specialist risk advisers for both business and personal risk protection.


We focus on our customer’s need’s which means that:

  1. You will be confident that your risk protection is important to us and we will strive to provide the best possible insurance advice for you
  2. You will understand your protection as you will receive our advice in an easy to follow format
  3. You will have the best and most cost effective cover due to our strong relationships with quality insurance companies and our in depth product knowledge
  4. You will know the progress of any applications due to our regular updates
  5. You will know what protection you have in place, as you will meet with us at least once a year to review your plan
  6. You will have our support and guidance through any claim
  7. You will be aware of new products or benefits through our newsletters and correspondence
  8. You will receive timely response to any queries or concerns
  9. You will appreciate being put in touch with our network of other respected service providers
  10. You will be invited to client functions and seminars